Fire Door Retainer Manufacturers. NEWS FLASH: Introducing Dorgard Effects


We’ve all seen or done it before! A fire door wedged open on a hot sunny day or the fire door propped open so that people can easily pass, however it is illegal and dangerous to do this, in fact it is a direct contravention of Fire Safety regulations in the UK. In the event of a fire, this hazardous practice will result in the fire spreading quicker, causing more damage and putting people’s lives at risk.

Our NEW Dorgard Effects range has launched. Dorgard is now available in Mahogany, Beech, Oak, Spruce and Chrome. Click here for more information

Dorgard Spruce on office door

New Freedor- Chrome

We manufacture a range of wireless Fire Door Retainers that can improve access in your premises and ensure your doors close when the fire alarm sounds.

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